Comindware Project Management Software

Comindware TrackerProject management software is a piece of desktop or web-based application that functions to manage and monitor projects. This application is available for personal (single user) or collaboration (multiusers). Well, in this case we are going to discuss Comindware project management software as one of the leading products.



What is Comindware?

Comindware is a US-based software company that specializes in providing applications for project and task management. The Comindware team consists of professional software developers that primarily focus on delivering project management solutions for businesses or organizations. Just FYI, the company has received lots of awards and recognitions, such as Graphie Award 2012 as the Most Innovative Enterprise Graph Application, Innovation IT Award 2013 from Initiative Mittlestand, and BIZZ 2013 World Business Leader Award Company. In addition, Comindware software has been recognized by Acronis, AppAppeal, GetApp, WorkAwesome, etc.

What are the benefits of Comindware software?

What make Comindware project management software so great?  Find out the benefits of using this application below:

  1. Plan and schedule projects easily. Users are able to plan and schedule any project easily and quickly. The application automatically helps you create a project plan and categorize it based on the date, priority, and other aspects.
  2. Track the progress in real time. This web-based project management software also enables users to monitor the process and progress of projects in real time. With this feature, you can find out which task is in progress and which one is close to the deadline. Comindware provides a Gantt chart feature as well.
  3. Build a better team collaboration. Another benefit of using this great project management application is the fact that you can strengthen your teamwork. Comindware software offers collaborative features for teammates to gather in a discussion room and share needed documents/files.

How to get started?

Based on the key benefits explained above, Comindware software is one of the most powerful online project management tools. Thus, perhaps you’re now interested in getting started? Fortunately, Comindware offers reasonable pricings. You have to pay $29.99 monthly per user for 1-9 users or $26.99 for 25-49 users. Don’t worry if you are still doubtful because there’s a 30-day free trial version before you get started.

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